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Who is recordroom

I, Jeaninne, grew up gently in a rural area and played the piano and listened to a lot of music as a child. It started as a kid with 70's rock, Bonny M. and Abba. My teenage years were marked by 80's pop, the Beatles, Neue Deutsche Welle and a little heavy metal. During my commercial apprenticeship bands like, Cranberries, Oasis, Fanta Vier, Die Ärzte and Nirvana appealed to me. During my stay in the USA I got to know the Fugees, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu and Guru's Jazzmatazz. Today, I listen to my assortment in the record store and rediscover old things every now and then, find pleasure in other music styles and am especially happy about young Swiss musicians and new discoveries through our daughter.

Yves, my husband, supports me - besides his job - with his enormous knowledge about music, all the different labels, pressings, versions and in purchasing. He loves rock in all its forms. Be it progressive, psychedelic alternative, indie and lately also zamrock. He also likes to listen to funk/soul, beat and jazz but also singer/songwriter.

We all love our records, so we should take care of them. There are many influences such as dust, heat, humidity, sunlight and of course careless cleaning that damage the important grooves and affect the cherished sound accordingly. But let's get right to it:

The anniversary of the Bluesfestival Baden enters into special cooperations, shows well-known and newcomers, celebrates together with the congress center Trafo Baden and the cinema Trafo, plays the Theaterplatz and uses the cultural building of the Badenfahrtkomitee. The audience can look forward to musical treats and a European film premiere. In addition to international acts, the Blues Festival also welcomes music greats such as Sina and The Gardener & The Tree.
For the store recordroom is looking for whole record collections or estates of vinyl records. Styles like jazz, rock of the 60s/70s, punk and new wave and also classical music (preferably symphonies, piano, cello, violin etc and chamber music) interests us. Prices are fair depending on quantity and condition. Inquiries gladly by e-mail to or phone +41 56 442 44 44.