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Absolutely perfect - has never been played and may still be sealed. We never rate used LP's as Mint - at most Mint- (Near Mint).


An almost perfect record. The record shows very little signs of use. A cover may really only have minimal signs of use. The same applies to inserts such as posters, lyric sheets or the like.

Has noticeable signs of use, but was well cared for by the previous owner. Record surface may show minimal wear (from playing) but does not affect listening enjoyment. Slight curvatures that do not affect playback are fine. Covers may have light signs of use and even a cut-out hole is acceptable. On the whole, an "EX" record is a very good and collectible condition for almost all collectors.

Many of the shortcomings of an "EX" record are amplified here. Light hissing can occur during playback, especially in quiet passages and during the intro, but this does not 'overpower' the music. Slight groove wear may be present as well as light scratches (which can be felt with the fingernail) which can also be heard during playback. Defects such as stickers or lettering may appear on the labels. The same is true for LP album covers. However the record may have 2 or 3 of these defects, but not all.

Good does not mean 'bad'! A record in Good condition will run through without sticking, but it will have considerable noise, some scratches and clearly visible wear. Album covers are bumped and have bent corners. Stickers, labels and the like spread on the same.

The abbreviations Plus / Minus are appended to one of the above quality levels if the record or cover cannot be clearly assigned to any of the quality levels.

We evaluate the record first and then the cover.